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1 in 400 Trillion

Let’s stop for a moment and transport ourselves back to our childhood. What excited you as a child? When grownups asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say? When you dreamed, what did you dream about? Now, let’s get back to reality. Are you living up to the childhood version of yourself?

Sometimes childhood aspirations are unrealistic and foolish but I also think there’s a lot of truth in what we dream of as children. See, children are mostly unaffected by stress and the realities of adulthood. They just think without blinders or pessimism. So, why do we abandon those dreams? Life circumstances? Money? Marriage? Children? Those shouldn’t be reasons to stop chasing your dream. Those are situations that happen to you, but they don’t necessarily define you.

Accountability In vs. Accountability Out. Accountability In basically means you identify as your present. You identify as broke or out of shape or whatever your situation might be. Accountability Out is identifying as your goal. You might be a longways from your goal but you believe in it so much and want it so badly that, that becomes your identity.

We only have have finite amount of time in a day. There are only so many seconds, minutes, hours and ultimately so many days in our lives. My question to myself and to you all is: are we maximizing each passing moment by doing what we love? I wasn’t for a longtime...

As an overweight child and adult I always just fantasized and thought about being thin and healthy. It was one of my dreams. I did little about it other than dream about it though. Dreams without action are just that; dreams and not reality.

I set out on a journey to do that. Remember when I said that losing weight is simply moving more and eating less? How naive. See, there’s a mental aspect to food and our relationship with it. You don’t look at a drug addict and say “just stop using”. Why? We know that it’s not that easy. To assume a food addiction is easier is simply ignorance on our part. The scary thing is; food companies are a legalized version of drug dealers. They basically go unregulated. What would you say if I told you that processed foods are manufactured in a way that makes them addictive to you? Crazy huh? Mad scientist-like individuals concocting foods in a way that actually makes you crave them. That’s not healthy of humane in my opinion.

So why does this matter? Ladies and gentlemen, getting started is hard. Committing yourself to a lifestyle change can be daunting and uncomfortable. We’ve become accustomed to not being uncomfortable. If we’re hot we put on the air conditioning and if we’re cold we put on the heat. If we’re sore or sick we go and get a prescription to stop the pain. Listen, losing weight and adopting a new lifestyle is uncomfortable. I won’t blow smoke and tell you otherwise. There is no medication or dial to make it go away. The reality is that it has to come from within you. You have to be honest with yourself in accepting whether you truly want it or not. I wish I could make it easy or prescribe you a pill to take the weight away but it doesn’t exist. Andy Frisella, the owner of a major supplement company has even said that fat burners and pills don’t work. If a person who makes a living selling supplements says that fat burners don’t work, we should listen.

Does that mean it’s impossible? Not at all. I’m here to tell you that you can achieve a better quality of life. I’ve done it. Think about a rocket ship. In the first part of that rockets takeoff it expends the most amount of fuel. In the beginning you will work extremely hard BUT it will get easier. Persistence pays off. Proper preparation equals effective results.

You don’t need to have it all figured out in the beginning. Start with small steps. Stop drinking soda, stop processed foods, join a gym. Start with small steps and gradually add to it. We often think that from the start we have to have everything figured out perfectly and in place in order for it to work. Stop overcomplicating things. Small steps Lead to a big end result. Be relentless and be persistent.

The title of this blog? Did you know that you have a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born a human? You could have been born anything BUT you beat the odds and were born a human. How incredible is that?! Don’t let that go to waste!

Cheers, Kris