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Avoiding Holiday Sabotage

It's that time of year again! The gathering of family and friends. Many households this holiday season will gather around a meal and feast until their hearts are content. While the majority of people relish in the 'holiday binge' there are some who will be silently suffering through feelings of self sabotage.

2019 came like many years beforehand; a new year full of new possibilities. Some chose to pursue a journey of new identity and redefined themselves both mentally and physically. This equates to 11 months of dedication, sacrifice and let's be honest, a bit of endured suffering. Now we are entering those holidays and a sense of anxiety might overcome some of you. All of that hard work and sacrifice will come crumbling down because of that temptress known simply as Pumpkin Pie....

Fear not fellow lifestyle family; this can be avoided and it's easier than you might think! I am a pretty staunch believer in rules and routines. If you want to lose weight; workout and eat healthy. I also acknowledge that, that is easier said than done and when everyone else is enjoying a second helping of mashed potatoes and extra whipped cream on their pie, our willpower is tested to the max...

So, without coming across as unrealistic I will say this. The holidays are about gathering as family and friends. Coming together and celebrating our love and appreciation for one another. While I believe that practicing discipline and self control are important; I also want you to remember to enjoy the moment and not drive yourself crazy with trying to remain on track. It's one day. It won't help your results and progress but it also won't ultimately ruin it either. My suggestion? Wake up early, go to the gym, have a healthy breakfast and proceed to enjoy the day with moderation. Then, wake up the next day and continue your journey. It's really that simple!

It's a bit early but all of us here at Hometown Meals want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday Season. Remember to enjoy the time that you have with loved ones but also remember to start the next day fresh and continue towards those goals. You can do it and if you need a little help along the way; we're happy to assist!