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Convenient, affordable and taste really, really good.... The health food misperception

Remember when we grew and raised what we ate? Those days of knowing where our food came from because we were the ones growing it? Yeah, me either. Like many of you; I came from a working family who maybe had a few tomato plants every summer but the bulk of our food came from supermarket.

In those days mom and dad both worked. Mom did her best to put nourishing meals on the table that left our bellies full, but buzzwords like ‘GMO’ ‘Low Carb’ ‘Macros’ were not a topic of discussion in our household. You ate what was given to you and the thought of calories never came to mind. Maybe you can relate?

As a result, I struggled with my weight and body issues for most of my life. This is not a blame mom post. My mother did the best that she could while raising two children and working a full time job. Pizza, drive-thru dinners and plastic packaged meals were convenient, affordable and tasted really, really good, right? That’s just how life was. As a child I was obese. I may not have ever discussed it but it bothered me a lot. As a child I hated my body and unsurprisingly enough I got bullied a lot; to the point of making myself bulimic. Now stop, this isn’t a pity post. I think I turned out ok and I look at these moments in life as ‘teachable moments’.

Getting to the point. I aged and moved out as most of us do. Those bad habits were learned behaviors and were my ‘normal’. I still didn’t know what healthy truly was. Eat a salad, buy granola bars, etc. We’re all told these things are healthy! It’s on tv and the packaging even says it healthy; they wouldn’t lie, would they? The commercials have athletic, beautiful people eating these foods; so if we eat them that can be us! Not so fast...

Friends, I wish life could be that simple. I’m a person who bought into the marketing and false claims of health benefits. I lived it and I was unhealthy, mentally and physically. I wish I could tell you that those ‘center aisle items’ have your best interest in mind, but they don’t. Millions of dollars get invested into figuring out how to sell these foods to you. Even more disturbing; they don’t actually have to be honest either. I see it with health and fitness items as well. We all know those big, cult-like brands that have the exciting trips for their top sellers and the Instagram celebrities, right? We all want that and it’s easy to be ‘sold’ that lifestyle. Have you ever read the ingredients list on some of those products that they’re selling you? I have and I feel like a scientist trying to decode it all. It’s terrifying. To say the least; it’s not healthy.

I’ve spent a lot of money on these items. Whether it was convenient foods, foods labeled as healthy or whatever the marketing was; it worked and I bought into it. Again, I was unhealthy. Marketing is powerful stuff. I just ask that you be mindful of those things that seem ‘too good to be true’ because oftentimes they are just that...

Back to marketing. It’s not all bad. I’m trying to market to you all after all. Here’s my difference; brand integrity. I’m operating in a small town. Word Spreads fast. If I was doing bad business it wouldn’t take long for everyone to hear about it. So far I don’t think that’s happening!! I treat my brand as though it’s my identity. I’m not going to sell you something that I wouldn’t eat myself (in fact I do eat the same foods). The reason I’m always changing things up? It’s not to confuse or frustrate you all, despite if you might have thought that! It’s because I am always looking for ways to improve and trying things to make your experience better. Sometimes it works and sometimes I fail. Baseball players only need to hit the ball 3/10 times to be good; so let’s not be so hard on ourselves!

What I’m selling you is truth. The foods that I prepare for you are REAL foods. I don’t grab them from the freezer aisle, toss them in a container, slap a label on them and hand them to you. We actually cook raw products. We make sauces. It’s the real deal folks. My biggest concern is shelf life. I worry about it a lot. Because my meals are made with real ingredients they do expire. In case you’re wondering, that’s a good thing! It’s scary how long some items can remain ’fresh, colorful and delicious’ under refrigeration as long as they do; that’s a topic for another day... In reality I could be making more money. I could buy those lesser quality, preservative filled items and resell them back to you and actually save money. I could but I don’t because that’s not me.

Long story short; be mindful of marketing and try to avoid those ‘center aisle items’. Just for reference, bread shouldn’t be able to live on a shelf for as long as it does without going bad... Start questioning your foods. Ask those types of questions. Is a granola bar loaded with honey and sugar really healthy for us? If you find yourself saying ‘but Kris, I don’t have time to cook a real meal’. I get it. That’s why businesses like Hometown Meals exist. I started for you all. If you don’t want my food, no problem, I know many other meal prep businesses. I’ll put you in touch, seriously. My goal isn’t to just sell to you. My goal is to improve lives. That’s my brand promise to you.

Cheers, Kris