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Deficit of Discipline

The holidays are a weird season in our lives. It doesn't matter where your health and fitness goals were leading up to the holidays; the majority of us will use it as an excuse to binge and be gluttons. This is especially interesting to me with the folks who were putting in the work, making the sacrifices and grinding everyday to meet their goals. Like, why beat yourself up all year long and then just quit because it's the holidays?

Regardless, it's weird to me because we allow ourselves to overindulge and just make ourselves feel miserable but then almost immediately, like at the snap of a finger after January 1; we go into the opposite extreme and diet hardcore. I cringe thinking about the shock that this must send through our physical and mental wellbeing.

I have some thoughts on this. First, it's the holiday season and we should be enjoying time with loved ones but that doesn't mean that you stop working out. That doesn't mean that you quit your diet. Yes, there will be temptation, but are you in control or is temptation in control. Revert back to why you started your health and fitness journey. Was it to because you wanted something better for yourself, to make positive changes in your life or was it to eat 3 plates of food? I mean, let's be honest, the 3 plates of food is what led you to most likely wanting to change your lifestyle. Why revert back to old habits?

As humans we have a deficit of discipline. It doesn't matter who you are; we all suffer from it. Some struggle with time, some money, some food and some just struggle with priorities in general. We then create excuses, validations for our actions or behaviors and convince ourselves that we don't have enough time or that one piece of pie won't hurt us, or we'll start that new routine after the holidays. Why? It's because we aren't disciplined. When someone tells me that they are going to start a new health routine next week or after the holidays I say great, but why not today? What follows are lists of excuses as to why today doesn't work for them. Bogus! It boils down to a lack of discipline and a lack of commitment. See, what generally happens is that next week turns into next month and then next month turns into vacation or the holidays or whatever and ultimately it just doesn't happen. We fail and we continue to repeat the process.

Time is ultimately what most people say they don't have enough of. "I don't have enough time to workout or enough time to cook at home." Okay, but how much time is spent on your phone? How long do you spend scrolling social media looking at profiles of people that you want to live like or look like? Your phone will actually answer that and tell you how many hours a day you spend on it. You might be surprised. In fact, studies have found that the average human clicks their phone 2600 times a day. 2600!! Tell me again that you don't have time.... What you don't have is discipline and commitment. Stop living life through the profile of other peoples lives. You know what those attractive people that you're following aren't doing? Making excuses. They go to the gym. They watch their diet. They take all of the steps necessary to maintain the quality of life that you're aspiring to have. They didn't get to that stage on their lives by happenstance.

I am all for New Years Resolutions and starting new habits BUT why do we have to wait? You can start now. It doesn't have to be a drastic change either. Start with drinking less, cutting out soda, walking for 30 minutes, ANYTHING. What this does is 1) it starts getting you prepared for when January 1st does happen and the transition is a little less daunting. 2) You stop letting yourself down by not saying tomorrow. There's a whole mental aspect involved with constantly letting ourselves down. Convince yourself that YOU CAN! 3) Honestly, you have no reason to wait until next year. It can be your resolution to start TODAY and still eat cleaner, workout more and become healthier in 2020. Why not have a jumpstart on it? You COULD lose 15-20lbs by then, just saying...

So, you could say "I'll do it tomorrow or it's the holidays I deserve it or it won't hurt my diet" or you could adopt a little discipline and start today. Using the holidays as an excuse to not get started or to quit your diet isn't acceptable. Be inspired to aspire for greatness. Eat like a champion. Train like a champion. Live like a champion.

Cheers, Kris