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  • Conversations with Kris

Exercise Your Genetics

This is a tough subject. For many it’s sensitive and makes us feel uncomfortable. I get it because I lived it. Instead of facing the reality that I was sick; I bottled it up and pretended that I was in control of my life and my choices. I wasn’t. That didn’t make me weak or powerless and if this is you; you shouldn’t feel weak or ashamed either. This just means that we’re struggling and need a little motivation. For me it was losing my father. I pray that your motivation is different than mine.

By now you all might be tired of hearing me talk about health. That’s fine but please realize that it matters. My goal is to change lives for the better. The reality is that we are sick and getting sicker each year. We chase vacations but eat junk. We buy big houses but drink too much. We spend big money getting our hair done but complain if our groceries are too much....

You might be asking if I’m against having nice things. Not at all, I love having and aspiring to have nice things. My point? Why do invest in ‘things’ but not ourselves? What is the point of that vacation if you’re too unhealthy to enjoy it? What’s the point of having a big, expensive house if you’re too tired to go upstairs? More dramatic, what’s the point of that expensive hairstyle if you’re in a hospital or worse... dead because you didn’t invest in your health? It’s happening all around us. People are dying younger. Our waistlines are getting bigger and our lifespans smaller. Getting sick, having diseases, taking medication... Those don’t have to be ‘a part of life’. There is too much evidence out now that suggests these are all preventable.

I’ll end with this. Wouldn’t you much rather be on vacation enjoying yourself instead of covering up your body and constantly worrying about how you look? Wouldn’t you love to chase your children up and down the stairs instead of sitting on the couch exhausted? I will never tell you that change is easy, it isn’t. It requires you to stop having an ‘average’ mentality and to adopt an ‘extreme’ mentality. It’s going to require discipline and commitment. You will have to make sacrifices. You WILL want to quit. Sounds horrible, right? The alternative is a lifestyle of embarrassment, medication, being sick, lethargic and possibly a shorter life. Which do you choose?